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Vocational Training Overview

Our vocational training programs allow our residents and apprentices to evaluate their skills and interests, as well as provide them with opportunities to learn valuable skills which can provide a means of income upon graduating the Adult & Teen Challenge program. Our residents learn to make decisions and identify solutions to real life, on-the-job situations. Workplace readiness skills are practiced and reinforced for successful employment and life development.

Our vocational training programs include:

  • The Carpenter’s Shop, which provides training under the tutelage of a master carpenter.
  • Culinary Arts, which provides training under the tutelage of a professional chef in a fully equipped commercial kitchen.
  • Auto Mechanics, which provides training in motor vehicle service by a certified auto technician.
  • Office Administration, which provides training in clerical, office, and secretarial skills.
  • Barbering School, which is taught by Scott Anthony Barbering Academy of Pawtucket, RI.
  • Garden, which provides knowledge of one of the world’s most enjoyable and necessary skills.
  • Sales and Marketing, which provides a wide range of communication and relationship building skills.

Not all centers offer all vocational training choices. If you have a special interest in one, contact that particular center.