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Massachusetts Men’s:
Brockton Center

20 Clifton Ave • Brockton, MA • 508-586-1494

Located at 20 Clifton Avenue in Brockton, Massachusetts, Adult & Teen Challenge Massachusetts serves as a refuge from the devastation of a life run by addiction. A leader in long-term recovery success, Adult & Teen Challenge Massachusetts utilizes a unique combination of vocational training coupled with Biblical life studies to replace the identity of an addict with that of an identity in Christ Jesus.

Adult & Teen Challenge Massachusetts challenges individuals to dig deep and seek the true purpose and focus of their lives. During their program, residents learn to rely on Jesus as well as trust in the process of learning discipline, obedience, and surrender. This is not possible without the structure and discipline of a program which cultivates a new and changed life in anyone who truly seeks the irreplaceable redemption and grace of Jesus Christ. This type of transformation does not occur rapidly.

A long term (10–12 month) residential facility, Adult & Teen Challenge Massachusetts has the capacity and ability to save 108 men at any given time from the lives of addiction they choose to leave behind. Adult & Teen Challenge Massachusetts has not denied anyone entrance into the program regardless of financial means for the entirety of its existence. Anyone and everyone who truly seeks recovery is given an opportunity to change their lives and begin to serve their families, friends, and communities as responsible, spiritually mature, and dedicated members of society.

If you or anyone you know is looking for a way to end addiction in their lives, please contact us.

Dave Smith

Director, Adult & Teen Challenge Massachusetts Brockton Center

David entered Adult & Teen Challenge Massachusetts in December 2017. After his 12-year addiction to heroin and cocaine had culminated in two overdoses in a single day. It was that day that brought David to the end of himself and sent him searching for something more. What he found was home in Adult & Teen Challenge and freedom in Jesus.

Since his graduation from Adult & Teen Challenge in 2019, David has served as the End Addiction Coordinator, Program Supervisor, and Assistant Director. In 2022 he became the Associate Director at Adult and Teen Challenge Massachusetts – Brockton.

David is blessed by the opportunity to guide and disciple the men of Adult & Teen Challenge Massachusetts. Helping them to set their hearts to the things of God and Stay the Course each day.

David’s life has been radically changed by God, he was married to his wife Brittany in May of 2021, and they welcomed their son Landon into the world in February of 2022, and were blessed to be able to purchase their first family home in September of 2023. David’s goal is to lead others to the Lord so they to can experience the fullness of God’s love.

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