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Vermont Transitional Home

197 West St • Rutland, VT • 802-635-7807

The outreach and transition branch of Adult & Teen Challenge Vermont operates in Rutland, where we offer coffee and quality meals to the under-served on a daily basis. Last year we served 4,416 plates of hot food, including other refreshments like coffee, donuts and fresh fruit. 

Our property at 197 West Street also has transition rooms for our graduates, providing safe residence to assure them a cohesive transition back into the community. Rutland offers a metropolitan economy for our transitional residents. The residents can stay two years while working, saving money, and staying involved in the culture and structure that Adult & Teen Challenge creates.

We’re in a season of pioneerism, and endeavors in the Rutland community are ongoing: 

Our End Addiction Team is active 30 days a year in Rutland. This team operates as a mobile crisis convoy with a comprehensive campaign. They travel each week to a different region, city, or town to raise funds, distribute drug awareness literature, and share their stories of hope to the hurting.

Our EPIC team is live at Rutland Schools, teaching in classroom and auditorium environments about addiction prevention and recovery. We’ve started EPIC Culture groups in the Rutland schools where students embark on projects to foster an in-school culture of hope and healing.

Rutland has seen our missions grow considerably in their community. Local ministries, shelters, and businesses have joined arms with us to establish our property in Rutland, giving the addicted in their city key-link access to our residential recovery center in Johnson. 

We welcome you to join the fight with us for Rutland County. We see the potential in Rutland to become the epicenter for hope and recovery for the whole state of Vermont. Thank you for your prayer and support!

Richard Welch

Sr. Director, Adult & Teen Challenge Vermont and Southern New England Women’s Home

In 1997 Rick Welch was desperate to change his life after years of drug addiction and alcohol abuse. Hopeless and destitute, he decided to give Adult & Teen Challenge a try.

At the Adult & Teen Challenge center in New Haven, Connecticut, Rick found new life and new purpose. Eternally transformed, he longed to bring God’s healing touch to those who are as hopeless as he once was. Upon completion of the program, Rick decided to stay on and serve in the ministry, first as an intern and then moving to a staff position. He soon realized that he would never desire to do anything with his life except to serve God and to passionately bring the inspirational message of the Gospel to the addicted and to their hurting families.

After years of visiting and ministering in Vermont with the Connecticut choir, Rick desired to expand the ministry there and in 2003 he was appointed Director of the first Adult & Teen Challenge in Vermont.

Rick attended Global University and is credentialed with the Northern New England District of the Assemblies of God. He and his wife, Carrie, live in Johnson, Vermont with their son, Timmy.

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