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SONeilMeet the Author 


Scott went from a New England high school shot put champion to another statistical number of New Hampshire’s drug epidemic.  At age 18 he was pursuing his dream of wanting to become a professional athlete when he started using cocaine in college. A few short months later, Scott was fully addicted to heroin and crack. He spent three years in a cycle of addiction until he hit his low and someone told him about Teen Challenge. In 2011, Scott walked through the doors of Teen Challenge highly ambitious to change his life, but had no idea that Jesus was going to change it for him. Scott graduated in 2012 and served at Teen Challenge New Hampshire as the Academic Coordinator and the New England Academic Facilitatofor three years before joining Teen Challenge New England & New Jersey as the Student Life Administrator.


We put together these blog posts in the hopes that they will reach those who have a family member battling addiction or are struggling with addiction themselves and provide hope for them. We want to be able to shine a light on what we are doing here at Teen Challenge New England & New Jersey to combat this epidemic!