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  • Addicted and afflicted was the state of my existence as I mustered up enough courage to make a phone call to an organization by the name of Teen Challenge.  For three years I had been running hard, smoking crack, shooting heroin, all in an effort......

  • There is a popular notion going through our society right now that the drug epidemic needs only a “medical solution” to the problem.  I’ve heard wild claims about “evidence based research” and “scientifically proven” methods to cure drug addiction. Medical solutions fail to mention behavioral......

  • It is unquestionable that America is in grave danger of continuing to lose thousands of its citizens because of the drug epidemic. Whether you believe that it is a disease or a choice that is a topic for another blog. Rather I want to discuss......

  • Dear Friend, The first thing I want to tell you is that you can have a brighter future.  Yesterday doesn’t have to define you, and I understand that there is a lot of uncertainty about today.  I have been where you are with this addiction.......


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