Teen Challenge New England | Winter Hope
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Winter Hope

Winter Hope

End Addiction — Change Lives

With an extreme winter upon us, enrollment high — and significant food and heating
costs bearing down — your support is urgently needed.


Because addiction doesn’t care about the cold. It rages on despite the blustering
temperatures and the falling snow.


In fact, 73 people will die on this winter’s day across our nation due to drug


But your support is helping to bring hope, restoration, and freedom to so many, at a time
when addiction is ravaging lives in our communities and across our country.

We have the help, hope, and solution to confront this tragedy: Jesus Christ — and
by the grace of God, together we will continue to stand against addiction and change
lives in 2018 as we …


    • Actively respond to the burgeoning drug crisis in New England and New Jersey
    • Add more programs, more space, new facilities, and update our current campuses to meet the need
    • And more!


Joe’s life was changed because you cared. He was pulled from the recklessness and
hopelessness of drug addiction to a life of freedom in Christ.


You can do it again today, for another hurting soul.


Your generous gift will meet pressing financial needs … and continue to help save lives.