Vermont Women’s

It’s a beautiful sight to behold. A brand-new testimony to God’s faithfulness stands ready to serve hurting, broken women from Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

After years of prayer and sharing the vision, a place now exists for women who are in bondage. A place where women can come to be set free through the power of the Gospel and the Love of our Lord Jesus. We are so grateful to all who have poured out into this work and have helped us bring the vision to fruition. We will soon hear “I have my daughter back.” “I have my wife back.” “I have my mom back.”

This beautiful facility consists of 3,238 square feet of living space — including four dorm rooms, bathrooms, a living room, kitchen, and dining room. With overdoses rising and women tragically violated every day, this home is a light shining in the darkness in Northern New England, offering freedom from addiction and healing from sex trafficking.

If you or anyone you know is in need of the help our women’s home provides, please contact us.

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