Kyle Sargent
Donor Relations Assistant

Like most young people, Kyle was searching for his place in the world—but never quite felt at home anywhere. In his search for acceptance he stumbled on drug culture and started a lifestyle of substance abuse that spanned over a decade. His life lacked any sort of direction or stability for so long that he would often find himself consumed by hopelessness. In and out of detox, long term programs, short periods of sobriety and chronic relapse were what his life consisted of—all the while he was still searching for a sense of purpose. 

 It was in the most unlikely of places Kyle found the sense of purpose he was searching for. In the midst of his addiction, Jesus Christ revealed the truth of who He is to Kyle in a way so profound that it would change his life forever. The Bible was the last place on Earth he wanted to look for answers, but it is what he has come to believe is the truth.

Kyle’s life, however, did not change all at once. He needed help kicking his drug habit, and because he had encountered Christ he was open to coming to Teen Challenge. he resented the fact he had to come into treatment once again. This time, however, he did it with the power of Jesus Christ on his side—which is what made all the difference. This experience has blessed Kyle beyond anything he could have imagined.  He is looking forward to what God has in store for the future.

Today Kyle is three years in his walk with Christ, nearly three years sober, and nearly a year into his staff position here at Adult & Teen Challenge New England and New Jersey. He works in the donor relations department helping the different Adult & Teen Challenge New England and New Jersey centers get funded. He also enjoys helping the worship band at Adult & Teen challenge Massachusetts and often fills in on guitar, bass, or drums. He is a member of Pembroke Assembly of God where he also leads worship and continues to grow in his relationship with God and His people.

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