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Hope & Freedom Matching Challenge

Double Your Impact to Break Addictions and Change Lives by the Power of Jesus Christ!

Hope and freedom. It’s a powerful combination. And it’s the life-changing gift you can give to addicted men, women, and teens today!

And thanks to a $100,000 Hope & Freedom Matching Challenge, your contribution will be multiplied — literally doubled in addiction-ending, life-transforming impact — up to $100,000.

So many lives have been caught up in the deadly — and growing — opioid epidemic consuming our New England and New Jersey communities. 

But we have the solution. We have the hope these hurting men, women, and teens are looking for: freedom and life-change in the name of Jesus Christ. 

Your generous gift today will offer freedom and life transformation to them. And your impact will be doubled, up to $100,000, through the Hope & Freedom Matching Challenge. 

Please give as the Lord leads you today.