Teen Challenge New England | Honor moms with us this Mother’s Day!
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Honor moms with us this Mother’s Day!

“As Mother’s Day approaches, I realize it was the love of my mother and her faithful and
consistent prayers that guided me into this incredible ministry and where I am today!”
— Krista


Krista’s story — and so many others, like her — is why we are starting our unique
annual tradition to honor godly moms!


Your online donation today will benefit our women’s centers:


  •  Rhode Island Women’s Center
  • Bloom — a place for adolescent girls
  • Vermont Women’s Center— launching soon
  •  New Jersey Women’s Center… launching later this year


As you know, there are many thousands of moms praying for their alcohol- and drug-
addicted daughters. Your generosity will help more of them find healing, recovery,
and redemption, just like Krista did!


We are already established and meeting needs. Our proven program is reaching into
the lives of hurting girls and women … offering the hope of Jesus Christ and His power
to break the chains of addiction.


It takes $1,117,720 annually to run our two existing Teen Challenge centers for women
— Rhode Island and Bloom … and these costs will only increase as we soon launch our
newest women’s centers in Vermont and New Jersey.


Please be as generous as you can, to help us reach more hurting girls and women
through our Teen Challenge centers. We appreciate your support. Thank you.