Teen Challenge New England | Grateful to Give!
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Grateful to Give!

Grateful to Give!

“I thank my God every time I remember you” (Philippians 1:3)


Thank you for supporting our many efforts to break the chains of addiction and disciple new believers into a life of freedom in Jesus Christ!

  1. Our Teen Challenge Rhode Island Transitional Home will soon open its doors, housing our Teen Challenge program graduates … and other women in the community who are in transition. 
  2. You’re making a difference in young girls’ lives at our Bloom Adolescent Girls Home.
  3. We continue forward with our Middletown Condo Project in Connecticut … this housing project will enable us to relocate our current Teen Challenge staff in Connecticut … and create space to reach more drug- and alcohol- addicted people than ever before!   

There’s more. We’re deeply grateful for your support as we continue to share hope and freedom from addiction with people in desperate need.

Please give generously today to help us continue to change lives … and end addiction by the power of Christ!