Teen Challenge New England | The Alumni Project
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The Alumni Project

Alumni Project 2018/2019


With drug overdose on the rise and women’s rights being violated every day, Teen Challenge New England & New Jersey,  Inc.  is excited to announce the opening of  the first Vermont Women’s Home that will address addiction and sex trafficking.  Vermont has a great need for a women’s long-term residential program since 41% of those seeking help in Vermont alone are women, and this type of care has been on the decline.

We anticipate opening the doors later this year, and we need your HELP!  Our beautiful facility consists of 3,238 sq. ft. of living space, four dorm rooms, bathrooms, living room, kitchen, and dining. In addition, there is an apartment for the director, a free standing chapel, an attached learning center for academics, a private sitting garden, and a spacious lawn area. Several renovations are needed to make all this a reality. We will also need vehicles, trained staff, and an operating budget. We desire and pray with the help of God and your financial support to open the doors debt-free.

Please join us in prayer and financial support as Teen Challenge Vermont embarks on this crucial step to set women free and allow them to begin to dream again!