Teen Challenge New England | Beauty From Ashes – By God’s Grace – Thanks to you!
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Beauty From Ashes – By God’s Grace – Thanks to you!

Addiction is heartbreaking.  Tragic.  Ugly.


But God is using you to reach into the ashes and create something beautiful.


In fact, though your faithfulness, He’s miraculously expanding our ministry together —

  • A just-completed 46-bed addition in Brockton …
  • A beautiful praise and worship Chapel being dedicated in New Jersey …
  • Our End Addiction Campaign is making strides in New Hampshire’s public schools …
  • Restoring hope, breaking addiction, and transforming even more lives!


Please give generously now to continue the great things happening across New England & New Jersey through the ministry of Teen Challenge — changing lives by the power of Jesus Christ and responding in His name to the drug epidemic in our neighborhoods and communities.