Teen Challenge New England | Change Lives & End Addiction in 2019
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Change Lives & End Addiction in 2019

►The Difference is Jesus Christ◄
Change Lives & End Addiction in 2019


Stand with Teen Challenge New England & New Jersey to launch a new year of proven-powerful ministry in 2019.

With your help, we’ll continue to keep a clear focus on Jesus at the center of all we do in this new year. At the same time …

1. Amid the national opioid crisis, addiction is epidemic.
2. More and more men and women who desperately need Jesus are turning to us for help.
3. Now, in the winter months, homeless addicts are also coming to our doors for warmth and assistance, as heat and food prices rise.
4. We need your support. By God’s grace, we will not turn anyone away!

Together, we will change lives, restore families, and break the chains of addiction by the difference-making power of Jesus Christ!