Teen Challenge New England | Change Destinies and End Addiction in 2018!
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Change Destinies and End Addiction in 2018!

Amid our nation’s growing opioid crisis, your ministry through Teen Challenge is more important than ever!


Countless men, women, and young people are finding themselves in bondage to addiction — a painful road that often leads to jail, a hospital … or even a morgue.


But with your help, destinies will change in 2018 — stories will be rewritten from death to life — by the grace of God through your proven Teen Challenge ministry.


Demand is high right now amid the drug epidemic — and will only increase in the harsh winter months, when homeless addicts come to us seeking help and warmth.  At the same time, heating and food costs will also rise.


Meanwhile, we’re also working fervently to complete construction and renovations on campuses in Vermont, New Jersey, and Brockton to expand our capacity to change more lives by the power of God!


Please give generously today to help launch this new year of ministry in a position of strength — and bring hope and freedom to those who are broken and addicted in 2018!