Teen Challenge New England | Building Hope in Brockton
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Building Hope in Brockton

Building Hope in Brockton

Now: $50,000 Matching Gift Opportunity DOUBLES Your Impact in the Fight Against Addiction!


We have broken ground and construction is underway on a 15,000-square foot, 36-bed short-term facility, that will provide hope and help to more than 432 broken and addicted men per year.


1.  This unique new short-term program in Brockton provides a crucial “first step” toward  freedom from addiction.  

2. We firmly believe 60% or more of the residents in the short-term program will continue into the 15-month program, seeking complete life-restoration.

3. Any donation you make toward this effort will be DOUBLED in impact through a  $50,000 Matching Gift Opportunity!


The opioid overdose epidemic is taking a savage toll around us. But God is building hope in Brockton. Please be a part of it. Pray about your participation and give as the Lord leads to help us bring freedom to the addicted by the power of Jesus Christ.