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Break Addictions & Transform Lives by the Power of Jesus Christ!

You’ve heard the bad news time and again — perhaps even seen it with your own eyes: 

Addiction tragically continues to rise in our New England and New Jersey communities.

But there’s some good news you need to hear, too: 

In the midst of this suffering, more and more people are arriving at the doors of Adult & Teen Challenge every single day. 

And you can be there to meet them with the only cure for addiction: Jesus Christ!

By giving generously in support of our addiction-ending work together in Jesus’ name, you’ll be part of the amazing story of their transformation … 

  • From someone who was lost and hurting … to found and healed. 
  • From someone who was broken and addicted … to full of hope and set free.

Please pray about what you can do — how many testimonies you can personally be a part of — and respond generously as God leads. Thank you!

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