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Breaking Through

Breaking Through


No matter who you are, there is going to be adversity in your life. It might be self-inflicted, you made a mistake and now have to deal with the consequences or God is letting you go through a trial outside of your control. Regardless of what adversity you are currently going through, God will always see you through to the other side. If you are currently struggling with anything in life, I encourage you to read and meditate on this article.

Failure is not the end of the story. I can’t emphasize this enough; failure is not the end. Failure is one of many attempts that should be taken. Some of us suffer with insecurity that drives us away from pursuing dreams. Every dream I have ever seen come to fruition, never happened in the snap of a finger, but rather by tireless steps towards a greater purpose. The purpose has to be greater than the failure; it needs to be greater than each step. If it isn’t, the soul will not cling to the fulfillment of that vision.

Each step has its importance. The Bible tells us to not despise small beginnings, which is the start of most visions. When we analyze with our finite minds how a vision becomes reality, we limit the way we want to see it come to pass. But, if it is a God-breathed plan, we know that some steps will not make sense. You will find yourself in certain seasons wondering why you are there. Or “Why do I have to do this God? I don’t see how this has anything to do with what you have asked of me?” Yet, when most of us look back, we see that part of the puzzle and how it fits as part of the overall picture. Perhaps it strengthened a character trait or your problem solving skills were sharpened because you took this step We must take time to examine ourselves and trust the process. Many times I wonder about how such a process is going to be beneficial to my future. When I take time to pray and mentally walk through the process it helps to confirm the path that you are on. When you self-examine, you take time to peek into your soul and see things that you could be doing better, how you fall short in certain areas and how much you need the Lord to help you overcome those short comings. Proper self-examination is humbling and can be difficult to do, for fear of seeing ourselves how we really are and not how we promote ourselves to be.

Nevertheless, the biggest encouragement is to remember to continue breaking through. When you find areas of success, reflect over the hardships that made it happen and rejoice in the moment. But when you have a bigger goal to accomplish don’t relish too long, too much celebration can inhibit future growth. Remember that the purpose must remain greater than each step and you must see it through until the end. Keep pushing, keep fighting and allow God to work through you, as you pursue your dreams.