Teen Challenge New England | 15 Months For The Rest of Your Life
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15 Months For The Rest of Your Life

15 Months For The Rest of Your Life

Addicted and afflicted was the state of my existence as I mustered up enough courage to make a phone call to an organization onwards-1377844-639x479-1by the name of Teen Challenge.  For three years I had been running hard, smoking crack, shooting heroin, all in an effort to mask the emotions of broken dreams. Tattered and torn, I stood at a height of 6’3 and weighing a measly 180 pounds. There are no words in the English language to truly express how I felt, but I guess the closest would be utterly hopeless, but I believe it was beyond that.

I was at one time a New England Shot Put champion in High School and wanted to become a professional athlete. But when I went to college to pursue the next level of my dream, I was introduced to cocaine, and boy did I love it. My partying had become out of control my sophomore year of college, and I had been dropping in academics and of course my athletic performance began to suffer as well. There was no other option; it was time to drop out of college.

When I got home it didn’t take long to start using Oxycontin, as I had a few friends who were already selling it, and they wanted to cheer me up. It numbed the pain, it made me feel alive, it took away the depression, I felt on top of the world. Oxycontin was expensive, and heroin was cheaper, and if you used a needle, much quicker to get high. Snorting cocaine became too slow as well, so that went in the needle, or I would smoke it(crack-cocaine).

I needed help, and I couldn’t do it through the methadone clinic (been there done that). I needed structure, hope, a restored mind and an opportunity to get back on my feet. As the phone rang I was met with a pleasant voice who was trying to work through my situation and one thing stood out about the Teen Challenge program that is a duration of 15 months that all made sense. “What is 15 months for the rest of your life?”.  This stuck with me and motivated me to enter the doors.

As I arrived to Teen Challenge New Hampshire, I remember having an overwhelming peace in my heart, and heard the whisper of God say “You never have to go back again, you don’t have to be that anymore.” And was He right. My journey through Teen Challenge taught me so much, I was able to learn job skills, spiritual renewal, and began my relationship with Jesus. God had restored my life, and has given me a dream, a future. Currently I am happily married and February 21st I will be celebrating 6 years of being sober. But I have gained so much more than that from Teen Challenge, so much more to my character that I am eternally grateful for.