Teen Challenge New England | Three Reasons to Evaluate Morals in Recovery
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Three Reasons to Evaluate Morals in Recovery

Three Reasons to Evaluate Morals in Recovery

There is a popular notion going through our society right now that the drug epidemic needs only a “medical solution” to the business-1753098_640-1problem.  I’ve heard wild claims about “evidence based research” and “scientifically proven” methods to cure drug addiction. Medical solutions fail to mention behavioral changes or that the desire to use drugs will ever change. Many claim that addiction is a “lifelong disease” equivalent to diabetes.  I argue that this is non-sense. Drug addiction can be defeated, you don’t have to be a drug addict for the rest of your life and you can certainly be a better, stronger, and more resilient human being than you ever thought possible.. I propose that the only solution is to establish a relationship with Jesus Christ. Only He is able to change a person from the inside out.  If you disagree with that statement, I would encourage you to finish this article to see why moral evaluation is imperative to the addict.

Reason ONE: Before the individual was addicted, they made a decision, whether influenced by peer pressure or on their own. I believe that marijuana, prescribed medication and alcohol all present a gateway opportunity for other drugs.  I have worked in the rehabilitation services sector for over six years and I have yet to hear one story where someone says, “I never tried alcohol, marijuana or prescription pills, I just decided that I wanted to stick a needle in my arm.”

Reason TWO: Without a doubt many unhealthy habits have been formed while being controlled by the desire to get high. When someone is addicted, the desire to get high outweighs rational thinking and is the reason why you see so many addicts in jail or the subject of newspaper stories. . Many people who are addicted would have never thought about breaking into cars, or stealing in order to get a fix. A lot of addicts become professional manipulators, liars, and incredibly deceptive.  Some might be worse than others, and some might even remain ethical to a degree, but that’s not the majority.

Reason THREE: In the state of true humility and recovery, the addict is now more malleable than ever.  After years of drug use, emotions have been seared, healthy practices have been abandoned and life goals for many have become non-existent. This is the perfect time to encourage a turn around, an opportunity to mold someone who is willing to learn and to teach them to reach for the stars as they approach a new life journey. Teen Challenge believes structure, character assessment and mentoring are a huge part of why our program is more successful than most. We know that people are broken and we believe the Savior that can mold them into His purpose.

These are three very good reasons why when it comes to talking about addiction and recover, morals should be emphasized.  It’s a controversial subject in the substance abuse industry, but we understand that people need direction and help finding their purpose and developing character in their lives. Too often we hear “Just be you” and we want you to “recover” who you used to be. At Teen Challenge this is unacceptable. We want you to be better, stronger, wiser, and a walking miracle when you leave these doors.